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Inside Wisconsin: Learning from others can help all types of entrepreneurs down the path

The challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs, who are increasingly a part of Wisconsin’s business landscape, are the focus of next week’s Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference in Middleton. They are also at the heart of a continuing series, “The Entrepreneurs’ Edge,” which began in Green Bay, Milwaukee and DeForest and which continues June 17 in Racine.

Inside Wisconsin: Venture capital is a roller-coaster, and Wisconsin is along for the ride

The good news: Venture capital dollars invested in
Wisconsin through the first three-quarters of 2014 is already double all
venture investments last year, and the number of deals is approaching an
all-time annual high for the state.

The sobering news: Wisconsin still lags 23 other states in
deals reported during the third quarter of 2014, and falls behind 25 states in
total dollars invested during those three months.

Inside Wisconsin: Coming debate over UW funding, structure deserves public attention

The stage is set for a state Capitol debate over
the future of the University of Wisconsin System, from its smallest two-year
campus to its flagship research powerhouse in Madison. Here’s hoping the debate is an honest effort to improve the
performance, accessibility and accountability of the state’s largest higher
education system, not a political exercise driven by perception rather than