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Legislative Initiatives

The Tech Council provides bipartisan policy guidance to lawmakers, the governor, relevant state agencies and other institutions in Wisconsin. It has most notably done so through “Vision 2020: A Model Wisconsin Economy” and white papers that have served as background for policymakers.
Current initiatives by state leaders include:
Wisconsin Early Stage Capital Program

The Wisconsin Legislature may again consider a proposal to create a state-leveraged early stage capital program. Watch this space for more details as they emerge in early 2013. Items archived below relate to past proposals, some of which may provide a foundation for upcoming legislation to help create more pools of capital for Wisconsin entrepreneurs and startup companies over time.

How to contact your state and federal legislators

Elected state and federal representatives welcome input on matters of broad interest to their constituents. Entrepreneurs and others with a stake in Wisconsin’s high-growth economy are encouraged to reach out to their members of the Wisconsin Legislature (state Assembly and state Senate) and the U.S. Congress (House of Representatives and U.S. Senate) to communicate ideas, concerns and questions. Here’s how to determine who represents you.

Download the 2012 Wisconsin Technology Council White Paper Report

Wisconsin’s economy has been shaped and reshaped over the years by citizens who adapted quickly to changing times. We now stand at just such a crossroads in the history of the state. To build a 21st century economy, Wisconsin must make the most of its people, resources and opportunities, and meet the challenges posed by the rise of the “Knowledge Economy.”

For Wisconsin to take its place among the leaders of the Knowledge Economy – or, as it’s also called, “The Real-time Economy” – some specific things must take place. Members of the Wisconsin Technology Council have offered a roadmap for tech development in “Vision 2020: A Model Wisconsin Economy.” The "white papers" in this section build upon that vision.

WIN-Madison Early Stage Capital Presentation

Download the presentation from the Jan. 29 WIN-Madison meeting here.

Bills to impose new limits on employee mobility opposed by Tech Council board of directors

The Wisconsin Technology Council, meeting as a board of directors July 14, 2015, has voted unanimously among members present to oppose Senate Bill 69 and its companion bill, Assembly Bill 91.