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White paper reports

The ideas offered in the Tech Council’s 2015 white papers are intended to set the table for a renewed public discussion about improving the state’s tech-based economy.

They include emerging priorities as well as restatements and updates from previous white papers, legislative proposals or executive branch proposals. Some are based on our knowledge of innovative ideas in other states. And many are ideas brought forward by members of our Wisconsin Innovation Network and others – entrepreneurs, investors, service experts and researchers -- who attend our events and seminars.

Those ideas fall into four main categories:

  1. Improve access to capital for Wisconsin entrepreneurs.
  2. Build Wisconsin's supply of human capital.
  3. Enhance Wisconsin's startup and business climate
  4. Improve technology development, delivery and transfer

Download the 2015 White Papers (pdf) 

2012 White Papers Report

Wisconsin’s economy has been shaped and reshaped over the years by citizens who adapted quickly to changing times. We now stand at just such a crossroads in the history of the state. To build a 21st century economy, Wisconsin must make the most of its people, resources and opportunities, and meet the challenges posed by the rise of the “Knowledge Economy.”


Members of the Wisconsin Technology Council have offered a roadmap for tech development in “Vision 2020: A Model Wisconsin Economy.” The "white papers" in this section build upon that vision.


How past white papers have contributed

Past Tech Council white papers have contributed to or been primarily responsible for a number of executive and legislative branch actions.

2010-2011 White Papers

The Wisconsin Technology Council has released its 2010-2011 white papers report, called "Looking to the future: A case for bold action." This biennial report contains recommendations in four broad areas:

-- Increasing access to capital for Wisconsin entrepreneurs

-- Workforce development

-- Infrastructure and business climate

-- Technology development

Click here or above to read the full report, which was issued in July 2010.