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Meet the WIN Members

We're proud to have members from companies and other institutions, large and small, that share an interest in tech-based economic growth in Wisconsin and throughout the I-Q Corridor. Click on listings below to learn more about our corporate members. 
Adana Holdings Co. Ltd.
AlphaTech Counsel
Veteran Entrepreneurial Transfer, Inc.
Wisconsin Health & Educational Facilities Authority
Wisconsin Investment Partners
Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Wisconsin Technical College System
Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative
Wolf Track Ventures
WiSys Technology Foundation
Zurex Pharma


Because membership is applicable to all chapters, (Central Wisconsin, Chippewa Valley, Lake Superior-Ashland, Madison, Milwaukee, and Northeast) individuals are not currently categorized by chapter.

Stephen Adams, SE Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
Nino Amato, Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups
Andrew Alexander, Alexander and Schroeder Holding Company
Sally Anlin, IT Team Transformations
Rajai Atalla, Cellulose Sciences International
Mike Bailey, Bayfield Energy Muskateers
Dennis Barnum, Venture Accelerators
Amelia Baxter Swan, Whole Trees
Phil Blake, Forecastle LP
Karin Borgh, BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute
Zach Brandon, Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce
Marcia Brooks, Penultimate
Amy Brown, Applied Management
Christopher Cain, Foley & Lardner LLP
Melinda Caughill, Sixty-Five Incorporated
David Chao, Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin
Dan Clarahan, CNZ Solutions LLC.
Tim Cowling, EGS
Philip Crawford, Steven H. Allen & Co.
Jim Delaney Jr., Delaney Financial
Dane Deutsch, DCS Netlink
Scott Dicks, Forensic Group
Cindy Dillenschnider,Northland College
Michael Doucas, Morpheus Advisors
William Dougan, UW-Whitewater
Jason Douglas, Ashland Memorial Medical Center
Kimberly Dwyer
James Dvorsky, Hewlett-Packard
Jan Eddy, Phenomenelle Angels
Mark Eisen
Jenna Erickson
JIll Enos, ZyQuest Ventures
Pam Evason, Windermere Wealth Advisors, LLC
Mike Farrell, Sentry Equipment Corp.
Scott Fiducci, Davis & Kuelthau S.C.
Michael Flanagan, Functional BioSciences, Inc.
Erik Forsberg
Scott Fulton, Cellara, LLC
Charles Gervasi, Four Lakes Technology, LLC
Cliff Grand, Ashland Area Development Corporation
Vic Grassman, UW Center Dairy Research
John Guequirre, Hi-Tech Housing, Inc.
Kamal Gupta, Sentient Revolution LLC
Mark Harms, Patton Investments
Ray Harter, Marvel Medtech
Alan Hartman, UW-Oshkosh
Ralph Hashoian, Clinical MR Solutions
Patrick Heaney, NCD Technologies
Lorrie Keating Heinemann
Donald Higgins, Higgins Insurance Group
Anne Hlavacka, UW LaCrosse SBDC
Mike Kollath, Kollath CPA
Steve Holzhauer, Eppstein Uhen Architects
Robert Hopton, Idle Free Systems, Inc.
Spencer Hoyt, HGS Medical
John Hranka, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Earl Humphrey
Chris Hussin, Boardman & Clark LLP
Phil Hutchens, RAI Stone Group
Dave Hynek, Business Fitness Group Inc.
Pradeep Jain, Ictect, Inc.
Bruce Janda, Innova Spec, LLC
Adam Jelen, Gilbane Building Company
Brian Jensen, Fishidy
Tim Kane, Bayfield County UW Extension
Annamalai Karthikeyan, Microionic Systems, LLC
Patrick Keller, Rellek Enterprises, LLC
Bilal Khan, Dedicated Computing
Wendy Kjeldbjerg, Kaliber Imaging, Inc.
John Klungness
Dr. A.A. Koeller
Karl Koenig, Penta Technologies
Chester Kolodziej, Freedom Field
Lori Konkler, The Fluno Center
George Koonce, Marian University
Lissa Koop, Perkins Coie
Egor Korneev, LoadTrek Software
Kristh Meredith, The Fluno Center
Michael Kvalo, Evco Plastics
Eric Lien, Lien & Company
Tom Lieven, Applied Management, LLC
Ronald Luskin, Meriter Foundation 
Colum MacCarthy, Pangaea Solutions
Bryan McCormick, Hedberg Public Library
Jason Maloney, Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center
Yaniv Masjedi, Nextiva
Mike Mathews, Economic Growth Advisors
Jim Michler, SAP
Anne Minga, Environmental Process Engineering & Compliance, LLC
George Mosher
Joel Moyer, Extended Care Professional
Kevin Murray, Johnson Insurace Services
Mirka Nelson, M Realty, LLC
Rick Nelson, Strategic Frontiers
Tom Nelson, The Paranet Group
Clay Norbom
Steve Nye, Endece, LLC
Charles O'Meara, Ziegler
Al Oelschlaeger, Brand Xlerator
Roger Orlady, RNO Ventures
Eric Overman, CA Technologies
Carrie Pagliarini, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
Julie Pankow-Helland, Creative Marketing Specialists, Inc.
Gerry Pelanek, GAP Strategic Innovation, LLC
Alexander Pendleton, Pendleton Legal S.C.
Maggie Peterman, FIRST
Ann Pieper-Eisenbrown, Pieper Properties
Robert Puissant, We Enable LLC
Peter Qian, Metamodeling Analytics, LLC
Suzanne Qualia, Qualia, Inc
Greg Quam, Project Lead the Way
Jeff Raymond, Raymond Management Consulting Services LLC
Randal Rapier, Insperity
Sally Rasmussen, Flad & Associates
William Reay, SMRxT, Inc.
Judy Reinhold, Kaliber Imaging
Mark Ronnie, IBM
Nadder Sahar, Cairn Innovations
Scottie Sandstrom, Bayfield County Economic Development Corporation
Richard Schmidt, MEI America
Stephen G. Schraufnagel, C&S Design & Engineering, Inc.
David Scholtens, Madison Development Corporation
Ann Shea, Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau
Ryan Shepherd, PhylloTech, LLC
Robert Showalter
Frank Staniszewski, Madison Development Corp.
Daryl Stewart, DCS Investments Inc.
George Stone, Milwaukee Area Technical College
Michael Sussman, UW-Madison Biotechnology Center
Adel Talaat, Pan Genome Systems
Julia Taylor, Greater Milwaukee Committee
Shobhan Thakkar, TASCET
Marcia Theusch, Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation
Fred Tidstrom, Lake Superior WIN Chapter
Constantin Tivs, Progeneric Systems, Inc.
James Tretheway, Biolonix, Inc.
Jim Van Pelt, Van Pelt Accounting Services, LLC
David Vedder
Rajan Vembu, Us Foods & Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Richard Vernon, Northern Clearing, Inc.
Marilyn Vetter, Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc.
Ryan Waite, Neckerman Insurance Services
Jason Weiner
Jerry Weise, Badgerland Financial
Jim West, Johnson Bank
Bill Whalen, City of Ashland
Jay Wigdale, Lake Front Partners
Thomas Witte, Zimmerman Architectural Studios
James Yarger, Endece, LLC
Jean Yarger, Endece, LLC
Steve Yunck, UW-Platteville
David Zachman, Marquette Golden Angels
Ron Zhu, BioInfoRx
Allyn Ziegenhagen, MIT Club of Wisconsin
Sam Zordich, RAI Stone Group

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Maurice Cheeks at 608-442-7557 or mocheeks@wisconsintechnologycouncil.com