March 19, 2018 - GE Healthcare Institute in Waukesha


2018 Emerging Companies


1myVote is a free, nonpartisan voter data analytics app helping candidates running for office, businesses creating their strategic plans for the next 5 years, and large organizations plan for upcoming changes and recruit leaders of tomorrow. We receive data that shows candidates running for office at the local, state, and national level.

A&W Iron & Metal is a full-service scrap metal recycling company that takes customer service to the next level, from collection to drop off. Our yard is in Kewaskum, WI. We supply various size of scrap hauling equipment luggers, roll offs, flatbeds and step decks. In-plant equipment can be provided as needed.

Access HealthNet was founded by a team of mission-driven healthcare and network development professionals with the vision of lowering the cost of healthcare for employers and patients by establishing fixed or bundled case rates for common medical procedures.

Aeroworks Productions is a Kenosha-based specialty imaging company offering a variety of imaging services for the AEC energy industries; FAA certificated aerial imaging, including aerial mapping, inspections, 4D BIM services, thermal imaging and inspections, scanning services for renovation, design and historical projects that integrate into Autodesk programs like Revit and Recap Pro.

Areble by Bankmybiz is a FinTech company built to work with Financial Institutions (FIs), not against them. Our software solution drastically speeds up the time it takes to receive a completed loan application. Our technology automatically makes credit and underwriting decisions while our support team brings a human element to the process.

Bold Coast Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The firm seeks to invest in pre-seed/seed start-ups with products and services that utilize technology and have foundational attributes for growth and scaling. The firm is part of the
Badger Fund of Funds network and has the Badger Fund as a strategic investor and adviser.

was founded by an aerospace engineer and veteran software developer with 27 years of experience. We take pride in delivering quality, robust software that is adaptable to ever-changing business needs. We provide expert-level software development consulting for innovation-focused enterprises for web- and/or mobile-based projects.

BreakFree Solutions provides practical cloud, DevOps, and automation professional services to the enterprise. We offer prescriptive approaches based on clearly defined positions, which are built on real world experience. We have a diverse team of experts with skills in cloud native design, cloud architecture, infrastructure automation, container platforms, software development, continuous deployment, security, DevOps, and Agile delivery.

Caravela is a data science IoT company specializing in designing and implementing efficient machine learning platforms to deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for businesses. Our approach is flexible, secure, dynamic and affordable with IoT and machine learning solutions (AI) for manufacturing and other industrial processes. We utilize our own private cloud resources in 100% uptime data center facilities.

Cardigan develops the Cardigan App, a smartphone-based business card. The name “Cardigan” is derived from “never forget your business CARD AGAIN”. We’re building a platform designed to gracefully transition the world’s 400-year tradition of paper business cards to something that’s smarter and more reliable.

Career [RE]Search Group is an e-learning company that provides digitally-delivered training that helps large companies recruit, retain and develop their employees, utilizing a job search process that has been tested with thousands of early and mid-career professionals over a ten-year period.

Carex Consulting Group is a career matchmaker, providing enterprise staffing solutions for startups through large-sized companies, focusing on healthtech, project management, and IT. The company was founded by healthcare and IT executives that identified major gaps in the talent market.

Cellara is a Madison-based company of experienced stem cell scientists, educators, life science tools professionals and software developers. We provide transformative web-based information tools which empower cell culture scientists to realize the full potential of their research and collaborate more effectively.

ClearCom provides security and communications installations and services. With multiple technicians, we support a management and engineering framework that provides services on a regional and national basis to healthcare, education, manufacturing, municipal, retail and office complexes.

Cluster Technologies is a Silicon Valley-based technology company better connecting manufacturing industry talent to apprenticeships and careers. It is a vertical-focused marketplace focused on recruiting advanced manufacturing talent. We will be first to market “apprenticeship at a national scale”.

CMA/Flodyne/Hydradyne is a full service engineered systems company offering complete machine automation and control solutions for hydraulic, pneumatic, and electro-mechanical applications. We serve machine builders and industrial end users with a broad selection of machine technology from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Compsim offers business consulting supported with a knowledge capture and decision support tool to “make explainable business decisions” using a decision-tree model. We are a “technology provider” focused in the artificial intelligence domain.

Consumer Health Connections has been nationally recognized for its innovation in the workers’ compensation industry and is known for being a cutting edge ‘disruptive’ force in the market. Since inception, CHC has been nimble and responsive to customer demands by expanding its product line to include variations of the software system.

DataChat builds chatbots that allow business users to extract insights from their data by talking to our chatbots. The company is a spin-out from the University of Wisconsin and founded by an experienced team that has successfully started companies that have been acquired by Twitter, NCR/Teradata, and Pivotal over the past 20 years.

D&E Manufacturing Consultants offers the industry’s newest know-how and understanding of the industrial engineering best practices that large manufacturers are using to cut costs. We offer insight into how to efficiently manufacturer items to stay competitive with the larger manufacturers in the world of M&A’s.

devCodeCamp’s mission is to empower individuals and disrupt traditional education with our coding immersive boot camp, which focuses on combination of C#, .Net and JavaScript, taking a beginning to a software developer in 12 weeks.

Dropp is making the traditional credit score obsolete by providing better financial insights to businesses and lenders for the over sixty million Americans that are underrepresented or misrepresented by the traditional credit scoring system.

Eagle Technology is headquartered in Mequon, and focused on developing comprehensive Cloud-based (SaaS), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) Software. Eagle’s programs help factories and organizations improve maintenance operations, increase operating efficiency, equipment uptimes and reduce maintenance costs.

Energy Tech Innovations focuses on developing a new patent-pending biogas conversion process that will produce renewable natural gas (RNG), founded by a professional engineer with more than 25 years of experience of biogas energy industry.

Fast Forward Forensics are experts in biological sample collection and preservation. With recognized expertise in preserving saliva and blood samples at room temperature for genetic analysis for the past twenty- seven years, we are taking the challenge to use this expertise and provide the simplest biological sample collection devices and kits available.

Feelings at Work is a pre-seed startup based in Madison. Its mission is to strengthen relationships at work. The product is feelings-based feedback software for employees. This B2B SaaS in Employee Engagement will be a Slack app, i.e., operate on top of Slack.

Ferrite Labs is a software as a service (SaaS) company helping marketing departments and agencies eliminate waste in marketing. Our core product helps marketers apply continuous improvement methodologies plus machine learning to the customer journey, providing real-time, proactive feedback on which marketing tactics work, and which don’t.

Flexion is an enterprise advising, staffing and digital solutions company serving up Lean and Agile solutions that flex and adapt to each client’s needs. Flexion is comprised of over 150 consulting professionals working across 17 States and 2 Provinces serving a national customer footprint.

Forward BioLabs provides a fully supported, fully equipped shared life sciences laboratory and office space for up to 15 innovative, early-stage companies. Our collaborative atmosphere and high level of care-taking for member startups utilizes networking, partnerships with service providers/consultants, and partnering companies to provide start-ups with specialized expertise.

Four Lakes Technology provides software and electronics hardware consulting services. This can range from diagnosing intermittent problems to designing a product from concept to prototype.

Functional Biosciences is a CLIA certified DNA sequencing company dedicated to providing high quality, low cost sequencing while maintaining superior customer service. Using proprietary microfluidic technology, we can uphold competitive pricing for a variety of services and provide flexibility with each project.

Goods Unite Us is an app and a website focused on helping consumers shop in alignment with their social and political beliefs, providing users with the political affiliation of over 3,000 brands and companies via a proprietary Goods Score, based on an algorithm.

Haldeman-Homme is a leading resource for products and services utilized in education, healthcare, industrial, government and corporate markets. We are a full-service supplier of industry leading quality products as well as design, construction, project management, installation and maintenance services.

HiQo Solutions is a premier “Internet of Things” Engineering, Software Development, and Data Science service provider powered by nearly 300 Eastern European engineers and scientists. We specialize in providing highly advanced teams to enable new, or existing, products to become end-to-end connected products for midsize and enterprise manufacturing and technology firms.

Hyper Innovation offers a series of programs to increase awareness and learning at the executive level while leveraging innovative experiential learning opportunities for teams by engaging an ecosystem of leading corporations, universities, and startups. Our Executive Program targets the C-suite with innovative programming for more informed decision-making.

i65 is Medicare enrollment software that empowers professionals (financial advisors, doctors/nurses, attorneys, HR staff) to provide unbiased guidance to their clients—without having to become Medicare experts themselves. We are essentially unique expertise and Medicare consultation process “in a box.”

Ictect – the intelligent content company – offers document automation solutions for complex documents. Our document automation solutions have reduced the cost of document process by as much as 60%, while improving quality, security and turn-around time. In addition, we offer Web Application Development Resources to large organizations.

IMS Electrol has emerged from a wire and cable supplier to a manufacturing partner who designs and develops complex wire harness assemblies. We use processes to manufacture, integrate and test complex backplanes and unique box build assemblies supporting medical, motor control and CNC machining applications.

Kaliber Imaging has developed a patented approach to assessing gait, balance and range of motion. MMAS™ is a motion capture system with two near infrared (NIR), two color cameras, a structured light projector, and four processor boards. The first target of this platform is to assess fall risk in the elderly.

Kaysun‘s vision is to become the recognized leader in providing highly engineered injection molded products throughout the world. We’re ready to take on projects others turn down and prove to you why you can count on us to deliver on your toughest, most advanced, manufacturing challenges.

Kiio is strategically focused on helping healthcare insurance companies and large employers engage their members in Low Back Pain care that is effective and scalable, yet also individualized, personal and convenient. Our Low Back Pain Program manages costs by automating the delivery of evidence-based care through computer-adaptive screening, decision support, real-time data, and mobile engagement to achieve meaningful, reportable outcomes.

KonectSports is an end-to-end athlete health and performance tracking and training solution for athletes. Unlike generic fitness products, we deliver data in context of the sport mode. Our AI analytics engine processes real-time stats, injury alerts and more, all from the small sensor mounted on the athlete’s torso.

Liquid Gigs is an early-stage company developing cutting edge web based staffing software. Its proprietary cloud-based human resource management tools will help automate employee recruitment, matching, training, compliance and placement processes. Our goal is to vastly reduce staffing costs and improve service delivery by introducing greater automation into employee recruiting and placement processes.

LocknCharge is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and functionality of the highest quality security, charging and transport solutions for mobile device deployments. Our mission is to make life easier for schools and organizations implementing mobile device technology such as iPads, Chromebooks, tablets, laptops and more.

Marking Services is a Milwaukee-based company that provides labeling products and services to a broad range of industries around the world; helping companies reduce human errors, support training, facilitate application of procedures, and ensure consistent labeling throughout operating environments.

Melius Outcomes focuses on improving quality of care and patient outcomes using clinical electronic health records (EHR) data for actionable performance measures that are linked with specific quality improvement (QI) strategies. The technology (IP#6689 University of Michigan) was tested in a sample of 25 hospitals (2010-15) with demonstrated improved perioperative outcomes.

Metavasis Systems is a collaboration of experts from the autism and technology fields. We are inspired to work together to transition unemployed adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) into employed, independent adults; under-staffed businesses into more efficient, nimble companies; traditional workplaces into neurodiverse workplaces; and bring peace of mind to parents knowing their children can thrive.

Metisoft provides custom software development and consulting for blockchain projects and for web/mobile application development. We are deeply involved in the blockchain community of Madison and have a solid understanding of blockchain technologies such as smart contracts and cryptocurrencies.

Middleton Spectral Vision is an established supplier of high performance hyperspectral imaging products and systems. We have a talented engineering team with strong capabilities and experience in applying hyperspectral imaging solutions in industrial and research applications.

Midwest Fiber Networks owns and operates the largest privately held fiber optic network in Southeastern Wisconsin. We build, operate and manage the following businesses: Dark Fiber Networks, Lit Fiber Networks, Private Optical Fiber Networks, Data Center and Collocation Services and IP Services.

Moonshot Learning is a Madison-based company that helps companies find and evaluate talent in technology skills sparingly covered in traditional education. We recruit, train and evaluate college students and recent graduates in market-demanded technology skills. We curate course pathways for employers based on the skills and positions they are hiring for.

MSI Data was founded to automate, simplify and streamline all types of field work by connecting the machines and infrastructure that need service with people and action. MSI competes with other enterprise software companies that operate in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Field Service Management (FSM) space.

NovaScan has developed a platform technology that detects, locates and characterizes cancer, either in vivo or ex vivo.  We can distinguish and locate cancer very accurately and inexpensively, with sensitivity and specificity. We will market our lead offering for skin cancer, and are partnering with large device companies in other areas.

NVISIA is an innovative development partner that maximizes the value of technology to solve business problems. Clients work with us when they have a need to introduce new technology or process to their internal development teams. We provide leadership from the initial project phase through the change, while transferring skills to the client architects and developers.

Omni Resources is an employee-owned technology consulting and software development company with locations in Appleton, Madison and Milwaukee. We help our clients solve their business challenges by: flexing work forces to efficiently complete software development initiatives, utilizing technology to create market differentiators and new lines of revenue, and automating process, managing and analyzing data to cut costs and increase productivity.

OneEvent Technology’s patented artificial intelligence (AI) software analyzes environmental sensor measurements to create information and messages that are then sent to mobile devices of property owners & managers through OnePrevent, empowering them to make faster, better decisions to prevent or reduce property damage, food/medicine spoilage, injury and loss of life caused by water damage, equipment failures, fires and other catastrophes.

OnLume is a Madison-based medical device company that has developed a next generation fluorescence image-guided surgery (FIGS) system. FIGS is a rapidly growing clinical technique for delineating tissue function and type in real time during a surgical procedure.

Ordinal Science is a Madison-based data science consulting and development firm helping companies develop and implement functional and analytical AI into products, processes, or services. Our team is made up of Wisconsin data science professionals with decades of experience in industry and leading-edge software technology expertise.

Pegex is utilizing its innovative cloud platform to revolutionize the way the $25 Billion hazardous waste industry operates. The IT platform makes hazardous waste disposal fast, easy and compliant for both generators and haulers. The company operates seamlessly across the US.

PICO, a biotechnology initiative of the Medical College of Wisconsin, is a bioscience consulting group comprised of postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. Our mission is to provide pro-bono research-based, actionable business recommendations on key projects for biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms.

Pixel Hangers is a woman-owned Milwaukee-based technology company. Our ViewConnect is a product which has coupled a smart phone application with digital signage. With its roots in technology training, the company expanded into network consulting and into digital signage software development.

Rapid Imaging Technologies is a software provider specializing in Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our AR Software, SmartCam3D®, helped land the X-38 Re-Entry Vehicle for NASA. We uniquely couple AI technologies to provide enhanced video processing with computer-aided detection, recognition, identification and location of objects of interest, in real-time from live video, on-device.

Rock River Capital was born in the Midwest because the next decade of great companies and returns will happen here. We strive to find great
entrepreneurs that believe in the Midwest as well and want to partner in building billion dollar companies. We are industry agnostic, but look for a technical disruptor to the industry. Our bias is for that disruptor to be software related and more often than not, include a data analytics component. We feel that software and data is the oil running under every industry.

RS InfoCon is a minority-owned business located in Mount Pleasant and Oak Creek. We partner with SAP, Oracle and Microsoft by making a difference for our customers, employees, suppliers and partners by listening, understanding, and helping them become more productive, sustainable, and globally competitive through innovative and creative solutions and services.

SciArt is a spin-off from the UW-Madison specializing in developing and supporting high-performance software for design engineers. Engineers use our software to pose complex design problems with performance and manufacturing constraints. Our “topology optimization” software then rapidly generates a series of design solutions that meet these requirements. This drastically reduces design cycle time and material costs.

Securus Data Centers is a highly secure, multi-tenant managed data center located in Milwaukee, providing a wide range of customized services from basic data center co-location hosting to full-fledged data management. Our goal is to save our customers money, free their internal staff to do more value-added tasks and provide security for their most important business information.

SmartUQ is the premier supplier of advanced analytics for Uncertainty Quantification (UQ), probabilistic analysis, and a host of other big data applications in complex engineering systems. Our software platform is designed to help engineers manage product variability and uncertainty while reducing the time, cost, and risk associated with analyzing and testing complex systems.

Somni is a bootstrapped Madison-based, C-corp and Y-Combinator Startup School alum that has helped over 6.5K+ users and 5 B2B customers improve their sleep. We improve sleep through technology-enabled behavioral medicine. Our 4-week integrative digital behavioral health program combines neuroscience, sleep hygiene tools, hardware, analytics, and coaching to improve sleep.

TailoredCare is an aging-in-place enterprise SaaS solution preventing family caregiver burnouts and placement of elder loved ones in nursing homes. Our software technology, TCARE, is the country’s only evidence-based and CMS (Medicaid) approved caregiver assessment tool on the market. TCARE’s decision algorithms predict the key indicators that caregivers are most likely to lead to a burnout then provides a custom care plan.

TherVoyant creates a real-time MRI platform for image guidance during Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). Our founders were collaborators in neurosurgery and medical imaging at UW-Madison, working to advance the delivery of drugs and biologics directly into the brain.

Three Square Chip Companies (32C) became the first company to offer to implant microchips in their employees in the U.S. Our story (to date) has received over 1.65B hits on the internet, allowing our businesses to expand in to new arenas. We are 100% privately held, are well funded and positioned for future growth. We hold multiple U.S. patents and trademarks.

VibeTech is a NASA spin-off company, founded on the principle of the beneficial effects of safe, controlled vibration applied to the human body to regenerate atrophied muscle, bone, and other tissues. We have proven the safety and effectiveness of this technology over more than 10,000 treatments with no incidents. Our equipment provides data capture, transmission, and database storage for big-data analysis.

ViiMed is a Washington, D.C.-based medical software company whose healthcare application platform coordinates care between patients, families, and clinicians by extending the healthcare providers’ personalized care plan to patients in any location. Our customizable, scalable, secure SaaS platform integrates with existing EHRs.

Voxello is focused on overcoming communication barriers for hospitalized and long-term care patients that cannot communicate traditionally. The Voxello noddle allows patients who are unable to speak and are motorically impaired to access the nurse call system, environmental controls, and speech generating devices. This technology could save our hospital system over $5.2 billion in healthcare costs from 340,000 adverse events each year in the U.S.

V-Soft Consulting Group is minority/woman owned company headquartered in Kentucky with strategic locations across the U.S. and India. Known as an agile innovative technology services company, we are a trusted partner with experience across diverse technology stacks to help business get IT done.

WIN is a Midwest provider of fiber-based and IT solutions serving many telecom, cellular, healthcare, and larger enterprise companies. With our extensive fiber network, we can connect multiple locations together and provide a managed solution connecting the company’s multiple sites, our three WIN data centers, and cloud service providers. Our IT services team can assist with any application/project roll out and complete management of the services.

Wolf Flow is a workflow management software company which introduces efficient multitasking and eliminates desktop disorientation™ that professionals experience on a daily basis. The software lets the user group utilize the necessary resources for each project or task into corresponding unique desktops or “sessions”, letting users focus on what they need when they need it.

WoundZoom was founded with the mission to provide better tools for wound care clinicians. We developed a more efficient, reliable, and complete solution in our new Wound Management System. We want to help focus on the patient, by assisting health care providers with a tool that is consistent, comprehensive, and easy to use, while keeping the patient as comfortable as possible by completing documentation quickly and without contact.

Xela Innovations innovates, engineers and commercializes ‘Best in Class’ commercial washroom and kitchen products. Under our Global brand Purleve, we continue to develop the next generation of innovation in the commercial washroom and kitchen markets that will both maximize energy conservation and hygiene, while minimizing cross contamination.

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