Since Jason Liu joined Zywave Inc. as its CEO in April 2018, the Milwaukee-based insurance software company has made at least seven acquisitions as it races to become one of the most dominant insurance tech companies in the world.

In the last year alone, the company has grown from around 350 employees to more than 900, Liu told the Milwaukee Business Journal in a recent interview. The company plans to double in the next few years while maintaining its rapid pace of acquisitions, Liu said.

Liu also discussed the company’s acquisition strategy, its presence in Milwaukee and some of its most innovative research and development projects.

Can you describe your vision for Zywave?

“Insurance is the largest vertical market that’s yet to go digital — it’s about a $6.3 trillion market that is really still very manual. So if you think about all the other industries that have gone digital — everything from books to toys to banking — insurance is really the last one. … People are starting to get their insurance over the internet, and we’re the largest enabler of the movement of insurance into the digital world.

“As it relates to Zywave as a company … we’ve gone from 350 employees a year ago to over 900, and we want to get to double that over the next 24 to 36 months. We’re the most aggressive and most frequent acquirer — I think we’ve done the most acquisitions in insuretech over the last 18 months. As it relates to the local market in Milwaukee, I’m pretty sure that we’re the largest software company in Milwaukee… We’re looking to dramatically continue to increase our size and scope and continue to grow globally, but also to continue to grow our headcount in Milwaukee as well.”

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