MILWAUKEE – “FlexTec,” a service design to reduce upfront
capital requirements while allowing for the rapid expansion of start-up
ventures, was announced Monday by Aberdean Consulting LLC during the 2008
Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference.


Jim Blair, Aberdean’s
managing partner, unveiled the service during a conference panel discussion on
“Right-sizing your business IT: Smart choices in today’s economy.” Blair was
invited to serve on the panel by conference organizers.


Blair said the first phase of
the service will be exclusive to tenants of UniversityResearchPark, Madison, but will be offered more broadly in


The development of FlexTec
comes nearly five years after Aberdean’s formal organization in 2003. 
Since then, Aberdean has cultivated a diverse list of more than 150 continuing
clients that includes the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, Gentel
BioSciences, Stemina Biomarker and Meicher & Associates CPA.  The
company’s focus has included start-up ventures. Nearly 10 percent of the
companies listed in the annual MG&E High Tech Directory have contracted
with Aberdean. 


“We have made a core focus of
our business providing IT solutions for emerging companies,” Blair said. “The
development of this service has been a part of our longer-term strategy, which
included our relocation to the UniversityResearchPark
in December 2006.”


The service will reduce the
upfront capital and risk associated with IT investments for start-up ventures
by as much as 50 percent and will provide enterprise systems for collaboration,
communication and data protection.  In addition, the service will reduce
energy costs for the Research Park campus; reduce the financial risk associated
with IT capital; and lower maintenance costs for start-up companies – all while
providing better protection for company information and intellectual property.


“Spending a little bit of
money up front in a robust and expandable IT infrastructure is one of the
wisest investments you can make when you’re a start-up business,” said Alex
Vodenlich, president and CEO of Gentel Biosciences.


“There are many organizations
working to shape this region’s economic future. Our moves tie into the broader
strategy of making our emerging economy more competitive and productive,
enabling companies in that sector to reach their goals sooner,” Blair said.


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