With the new US office in place, the company aims to accelerate the digitalisation journey of US water & wastewater utilities and take infrastructure reinvestment and asset management decision making to the next level. The data|APX® software platform from APX10 aggregates and analyses all existing utility data from the water distribution and sewer collection network into a user-friendly overview and is a modern digital analytics tool with multiple decision parameters designed to support utility staff across multiple departments.

Award winning solution ready to take on the US market APX10 won silver in the project innovation category during the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, just a month ago in Copenhagen, Denmark. Selected among more than 200 projects from 50 countries, the company received the major international innovation award for the development of the “data|APX®” software, which can kick-start the digitalisation of water and wastewater utilities worldwide.

Ulrich Borup Hansen, CEO of APX10 states the following about the the first office in the US: ”As a young and fast growing water specialized software company we are very proud to have come this far in our journey. That we can now open our first office in the US is a dream come true for the entire team. We expect a lot from the US market and for the same reason we are now making this significant investment in being present locally with our own setup. We know that APX10 can make a positive difference in fast tracking water and wastewater utilities in North America to become digital and data-driven in their decision making. And having our US base in a leading water hub is a great starting point to make this visible.”

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