We’re very pleased to announce an investment in Harbor MedTech. Harbor MedTech is developing innovative tissue regeneration products from biologic sources for chronic skin wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers and vascular ulcers, which remain a serious healthcare issue and cost billions of dollars a year. Architect, the company’s first product, using its BriDGE tissue regeneration technology, is a collagen matrix that heals chronic skin wounds faster compared to other skin substitutes.

What we liked:

  • Co-Investors – The firm previously raised $10M with a few rounds and co-investors are Arsenal Capital and Native Capital Management.
  • Product – Patented technology that is commercial stage with two FDA cleared and CE marked products. Completed clinical studies and received medical reimbursement.
  • Team – Very experienced and successful management team with deep industry experience. Also have a very established medical advisory board.
  • Wisconsin Connection – Co-Founder, Jim Jungwirth (BS ’64) and Native Capital Management, Wendy K. White Eagle

View the release here.