Startup Milwaukee will highlight health care technology startup companies at an event on Wednesday, June 21, from 8 to 10 a.m. at 833 East in Milwaukee.

The event is part of Startup Milwaukee’s Emerge series, which aims to provide a platform for emerging companies to pitch themselves to, and get reaction from, an audience of peers and investors.

The entrepreneurs pitching at the June event are Eric Haberichter, chief executive officer and co-founder of Milwaukee’s Access HealthNet, a health care cost transparency tool for employers; Ross Bjella, co-founder and CEO of Milwaukee’s Alithias, an analytics program aimed at reducing health care costs; and Ryan Robb, vice president of sales at Milwaukee’s OAX Health, a hospital inventory solution. Also presenting will be Mike Rodgers, director of innovation at Aurora Health Care, who will discuss the Milwaukee health care corporation’s work with startups. Read the full story here.