Gener8tor, a nationally-ranked Milwaukee-based startup accelerator program, is working on a new program, called gALPHA, it plans to launch later this year.

The program will run alongside its 12-week core accelerator program and a free six-week pre-seed accelerator program called gBETA, which the organization launched in 2015.

“Gener8tor itself is a startup and we’re constantly telling our companies they need to grow, but we need to eat our own dogfood as we tell them to do that,” said Abby Taubner, director of gener8tor’s Milwaukee gBETA program. “So we try to create new programs each year as well.”

Described as a “hackathon and accelerator hybrid” the gALPHA program is intended to attract early-stage entrepreneurs with lots of technical talent who may not necessarily have a fully-developed business idea. Read the full story here.