Mequon-based health care software startup Intelligent Digital Avatars Inc. is winding down operations.

Norrie Daroga, CEO of iDAvatars

Founder Norrie Daroga, the only full-time employee still working at iDAvatars, is seeking to sell the company’s software and intellectual property, and has found a promising number of interested buyers nationwide. He plans to set up an auction in the near future.

“Our appetite for continued investment and keeping this going kind of came to an end,” he said. “There’s a lot of interest in the technology and the concept that’s going to happen. It’s just pretty hard when you don’t have venture capital backing and you’re on your own.”

Founded in 2013, iDAvatars created intelligent digital avatars that could display compassion, empathy and a sense of humor. The “Sophie” avatar, for example, was used by several health care companies for virtual visits. And “Holly” discusses advance directives with patients. The software was built on IBM Watson’s framework using advanced technology such as natural language processing. Read the full story here.