Johnson Controls is continuing to increase its partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, more than doubling the value of its current contract for battery research.

The university has a current master agreement with Johnson Controls Battery Group Inc. that runs through the end of June 2020. That agreement was established in 2015 to address  intellectual property and other terms.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

To date, three professors have received three work statements worth nearly $478,000. Two additional work statements will take the contract over $1 million, requiring approval from the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents. The board’s business and finance committee approved the work on Thursday.

Work statements provide a specific set of tasks to be performed, deliverables and a schedule for the principal investigator to meet. Statements are often in response to a proposal from a faculty member. Johnson Controls provides 30 percent of the funding when the contract is signed and the remaining 70 percent when the work is completed.

Research for the two new work statements is being led by Deyang Qu, Johnson Controls Endowed Professor in UWM’s College of Engineering and Applied Science.

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