Carroll University is looking to provide data analytics expertise to help companies make sense of the massive volumes of data produced by consumers every day.

Photo: Carroll University

The university announced it has launched the Analytics and Business Intelligence Consortium, a membership-based organization aimed at helping organizations across various sectors engage with and manage big data.

Spearheaded by Carroll’s School of Business, the consortium will leverage the university’s faculty and alumni to provide members with data analytics expertise, educational opportunities and annual events, the university said. It will also provide students with experiential learning opportunities.

“The Analytics and Business Intelligence Consortium is first and foremost a solutions provider,” said Steven Bialek, dean of the Carroll University School of Business. “This innovative approach provides organizations with access to the expertise and tools they need to make effective decisions in regard to data management and analytics. Our goal is to become the region’s leading source of data analysis intelligence. The need is out there across all industries, from manufacturing and health care to finance, retail and more.” Read the full story here.