The Dohmen Company Foundation continues its fight against diet-related disease with the launch of a $60 million impact investment fund, the Milwaukee-based organization announced Friday during a live-streamed event at the White House.

The fund will infuse capital into for-profit social enterprises that are working to improve health outcomes through food-related solutions. Dohmen is planning to invest in five to 10 food-focused businesses – both B2B and B2C – that are looking to scale their work and drive increased impact, with the ultimate goal of improving the health of more than five million consumers over the next five to 10 years, according to a news release.

The impact investment fund builds upon an ongoing $75 million commitment to reducing the morbidity of diet-related disease. Dohmen announced that pledge in September during the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition & Health, when the Biden administration rolled out a national strategy to end hunger, improve healthy eating and physical activity, and reduce diet-related disease by 2030.

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