The shock of the coronavirus pandemic is placing weight on an education system that has teetered on the edge of fully adopting technology in every day learning. With students studying from home across the country, Fiveable’s Amanda DoAmaral believes the pandemic could lead to a shift in education.

“I think it’s a lightning strike,” said DoAmaral, Fiveable’s founder. “I think everything’s about to change. Schools are going to be more willing to take on technologies and one-to-one computers for students is going to become the norm because it has to be.”

Fiveable’s online learning platform saw a 500% increase in accounts created between February and March for a total of 60,000 users. The Milwaukee-based startup also had 150,000 unique visitors to its website in March, which accounts for users accessing the platform’s free resources without having created an account, DoAmaral said.

“Every metric we track was either a three or a four-digit percent increase from traffic to engagement, it’s just wild,” DoAmaral said. “With every school closed, everybody was looking for support.”

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