Madison-based startup Goods Unite Us has raised a $500,000 seed round from investors, the company announced today.

Abigail Wuest, Amy Miller and Brian Potts. (PHOTO: Amandalynn Jones Photography)

The platform, which provides consumers with information about the political leanings of more than 4,000 brands and companies, has more than 200,000 monthly active users. Goods Unite Us tracks public data on the contributions of companies and their top leaders to politicians and PACs.

The company was co-founded in 2017 by chief executive officer Abigail Wuest, chief operating officer Amy Miller and Brian Potts. It has two additional employees.

“At GUU, our mission is transparency and protecting the democratic process. We do not want to further polarize society,” Wuest said. “And while the data we make available may spark some emotion, we think that ultimately greater transparency around money in politics will lead to a stronger democracy and citizens feeling more effective in the political process. Ultimately, this should help reduce polarization.” Read the full story here.