Milwaukee-based Scratch Ice Cream took moguls by surprise on Saturday’s episode of “Project Pitch It” when the company founder shared how he and his business partner struggled with addiction before launching the business.

Scratch Ice Cream founder Ryan Povlick battled opiate addiction from ages 15 to 26. After gaining sobriety, Povlick began working with his aunt and uncle who own Yo Mama! Frozen Yogurt.

Povlick learned how to run a business through his experience at the frozen yogurt shop. His uncle later gave him the idea to start a business selling ice cream made from scratch, so Povlick began to research the market.

“I read books and I spent hours and months in the kitchen just working on recipes,” Povlick said. “When my aunt and uncle sampled what is now Scratch Ice Cream, they provided me with the capital to get started.”

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