It was a record year in 2022 for food, forestry and agriculture product exports from the state of Wisconsin. The latest U.S. Census trade data shows Wisconsin exported goods in the aforementioned categories to 142 countries totaling approximately $4.22 billion. This was a 7% increase from 2021.

Wisconsin’s dairy product exports totaled $617 million, up 32% from 2021, the highest level on record and more than $100 million above the previous record year in 2014. Crop products, including grains, wood and vegetables, increased more than 5% to $2.82 billion, a 10-year high.

Meat products declined 2% to $782 million. In total, U.S. agricultural exports exceeded $220 billion in 2022, up 10% from the year prior. Wisconsin now ranks 12th in the nation for agricultural exports.

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