Wisconsin is one of the worst places in the country to start a business, according to a study completed by GOBankingRates.com.

The state ranked No. 46 in the study, which examined startup activity, business survival rates, productivity, availability of employees, education level of potential employees, business taxes and cost of living to determine the friendliness of each state’s economic climate toward new businesses.

“Opening a small business in Wisconsin comes with some roadblocks,” the study reads. “First off, Wisconsin has the second-lowest rate of new entrepreneurs — the percent of the adult population becoming entrepreneurs, a monthly average — at 0.19 percent. The low rate of new entrepreneurs might be tied to the low opportunity share of new entrepreneurs, with only 74.19 percent — the third lowest in the nation — of new business owners who were not unemployed before starting their businesses. These factors contribute to Wisconsin having the second-worst startup activity score on our list.” Read the full story here.