Glendale-based insurance startup Tech Canary Corp. took in between $1.8 and $1.9 million in revenue in 2016, according to company founder and chief executive officer Reid Holzworth, nearly quadrupling its earnings of around $500,000 during the previous year.

“It was an awesome year,” Holzworth said. “We popped a lot of bottles of champagne.”

Holzworth founded Tech Canary in 2013. The company’s product, an insurance agency management and business automation tool, helps agents manage sales and improve productivity by performing certain tasks such as tracking commissions, automatically downloading carrier policies and managing documents.

Since August, the company expanded from 16 to 22 employees. Tech Canary also moved from a 700-square-foot space at Bayshore Town Center to a 7,000-square-foot space on West Silver Spring Drive in 2016.

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