Madison-based weather tracking technology startup Understory Inc. today launched a new initiative to monitor air pollution in cities.

An Understory Atmosphere sensor.

Understory, established in 2016, manufactures weather sensors that are placed in fields to collect hyperlocal weather data. The company then analyzes data on historical, current and forecasted weather events to provide insights and early risk detection to the agriculture and insurance sectors. Understory has more than 500 weather stations providing granular weather data in five major U.S. cities and plans to grow to 5,000 sensors in 2019. In November, the company completed a $7.5 million funding round to fuel its growth.

This new project would track urban air quality. Understory, which has so far installed its Atmosphere pollution measurement network in Dallas, Texas, is seeking 10 new applicant cities from around the world. Read the full story here.