The Ward4 co-working space near downtown Milwaukee will be hosting its second annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Week from March 5 to 9.

Last year, Ward4 hosted its first Women’s Entrepreneurship Week. Organizer Kenzi Enright, community manager at Ward4, added several more events to the weeklong conference this year.

“Last year’s was quite a bit smaller. This year we’ve been able to drum up quite a bit of interest from other people,” Enright said.

A planning meeting for the week, which will include about 23 events, attracted more than 40 interested people.

“It’s clearly something that this environment needs if it’s something people are so enthusiastic about,” Enright said. “The whole purpose of the event is to not only highlight our community’s women entrepreneurs, but to also bring awareness to our community’s women entrepreneurs” so they can grow their businesses. Read the full story here.