MILWAUKEE, Feb. 13, 2017BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation Inc & NEWaukee proudly announce HATCH, a community-based startup pitch platform that aims to convert strong “napkin” ideas into business plans that launch new companies in central Wisconsin. The application for idea submissions is open to the public.

HATCH is a rotating, high-energy, social networking and idea pitch program. At each program, several individuals or teams of individuals will have the opportunity to pitch their brightest business ideas. Both the crowd and a jury of select entrepreneurs, companies, investors, and community resource partners select the winning idea.

The winner receives $2,000 in cash and an invitation to attend the end-of-year finale to compete against the other winners from previous programs. The winners’ event will offer the opportunity for the four semi-finalists to pitch their concepts, hopefully with more articulation, and attempt to win a $10,000 grand prize. In addition, if any of the pitch participants throughout the four events further their idea, they could be selected as a “wild card” semi-finalist to compete for the grand prize as well. Read the full story here.