To support the exploration of new solutions for confronting significant environmental challenges, global biotechnology manufacturer Promega Corporation has pledged $3 million over the next three years to the nonprofit Revive & Restore Catalyst Science Fund. This is the first corporate pledge to a recently launched fund designed to identify and develop advanced techniques of genetic rescue and to bring new tools to conservation work in order to enhance biodiversity.

“As of yet, biotechnology and environmental sciences have not worked closely together, but there are now additional tools available for conservation. We have found a very powerful interest in both communities to thoughtfully explore the possibilities together,” says Ryan Phelan, the cofounder and Executive Director of Revive & Restore. “Thanks to Promega sparking this initiative, we are able to explore solutions to conservation questions through a new lens.”

The Catalyst Science Fund will invest primarily in proof of concept projects applied toward high impact solutions to conservation challenges. Supported research will aim to produce actionable science with significant conservation benefits and broad applicability for creating innovative solutions for endangered species and threatened ecosystems. Projects will be reviewed by a distinguished Catalyst Science Advisory comprised of recognized leaders in biotechnology and conservation.

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