Redox today announced it nearly quadrupled its year-over-year annual revenue growth in 2018 and dramatically increased its network by nearly 500 percent. The company’s market momentum shows the intense need for healthcare organizations to exchange data more efficiently with digital health vendors. Now more than 450 healthcare delivery organizations use Redox to integrate and exchange five million patient records per day across 36 different electronic health record (EHR) vendors.

“Healthcare provider organizations face a plethora of technology solutions promising to increase patient engagement, improve outcomes, lower costs, and reduce physician burnout. But the lack of interoperability within these systems remains one of the biggest barriers to digital health,” said Niko Skievaski, co-founder and president, Redox. “By accelerating time-to-value of these third-party applications, Redox now plays a critical role in the digital transformation of healthcare organizations to ultimately improve patient care and provider experience.”

Redox standardizes healthcare data with a vendor-agnostic application programing interface (API) and a cloud network where organizations can exchange information with partners. This “networked interoperability” approach dramatically simplifies the way organizations exchange healthcare data by eradicating the issue of inconsistent data formats and redundant connections. Messages may be transmitted and/or received in any message format associated with the healthcare entity’s existing EHR system. Read the full story here.