Understory, the weather network and analytics company, today announced that it received a patent for its cost-effective method of manufacturing weather stations. On the heels of its mechanical strain-based weather sensor patent, this second patent significantly lowers the costs of creating resilient weather sensors and positions Understory to radically alter the global weather sensing infrastructure.

“Scientific-grade weather sensors used to cost around six figures due to components, assembly, installation, service maintenance and the necessary layer of communication to receive data,” said Alex Kubicek, CEO and Founder, Understory. “In contrast, Understory’s method of manufacturing weather stations utilizes commoditized components that cost an order of magnitude less. With the cost barrier significantly lowered, we have created resilient sensors that can be deployed anywhere in the world, and last up to ten years in the field without human interaction.”

Understory’s weather networks are comprised of patented weather stations that form full-stack, rugged, tamper-proof, maintenance-free, precision weather solutions. These stations, with their patented solid-state technology, measure 50,000 times a second to provide research-grade hail, wind and rainfall data year round. Additionally, these measurements power a cloud-based artificial intelligence core that stitches measurements together to provide unprecedented damage understanding at every point in Understory’s networks. Read the full story here.