Danny Livermore doesn’t see his startup Gift Guru as an enterprise about gift-giving, although he would acknowledge that’s a big part of it. He sees the company as one that’s primarily about relationships.

“Most big occasions, if you think about the real goal of it, it’s to grow relationships and extend appreciation for the loved ones in your life,” he said. “And I think the gift-giving aspect of it is a bit overblown.”

That’s why Livermore founded Gift Guru, a web application to help people keep track of people in their lives, important events, and gift ideas, he said. It’s a tool to help people spend less energy on the hassle and logistics of buying things, and more on considerations of how best to show love or appreciation.

“The goal is taking away the aspects (of gift-giving) that are stress inducing, and allow it to be a little bit more of a creative process,” he said. Read the full story here.