Dennis Brower used to criss-cross the country driving cargo vans for a living. These days, he criss-crosses Madison in his silver Hyundai Elantra, delivering food for restaurants.

“It’s a simple job,” said the lanky, affable 52-year-old Waunakee resident. “And it’s a little humbling. Like, ‘Oh, I deliver food.’ But I love it. I don’t care.”

“It’s fun watching the city grow, you know?” he added. “And in Christmastime, you see all the different neighborhoods, all the different light shows in town.”

Brower is also an unofficial brand ambassador for his employer, the Madison startup EatStreet. Emblazoned on his car, T-shirt, baseball cap and the insulated food bag he carries is the green-and-white fork logo of the online delivery service. Brower and the 90 other employees who drive the branded cars in the Madison area have made EatStreet’s presence loud and clear.

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