Beth Comstock, a former vice president with General Electric, says that the very nature of change is changing, and the world isn’t ready.

As she writes in her new book, “Imagine it Forward,” Comstock believes that in a digitized, globalized world where “disruption” abounds, too many businesses and social institutions stick with the practices of the past instead of embracing the messiness of change. As a result, more companies are failing, while governments, schools and other public institutions struggle.

Comstock was the keynote speaker at last Thursday’s Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce annual dinner, and is seen as a guru of adaptability and change within institutions, ever since she lead a push for embracing innovation within GE. Since leaving the company, she has worked with businesses both big and small, along with institutions from the CIA to the Australian government, to help them embrace nimbleness, creative problem-solving and risk-taking. Read the full story here.