On July 4, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck southern California. Thanks to software made in Madison, some building administrators in the Los Angeles area knew that it was coming 50 seconds before it struck.

The emergency alert they received came through Singlewire’s InformaCast software. The pings did not give them enough time for a full-scale evacuation of their buildings, according to Singlewire, but it was enough to switch off utilities or shut down elevators — or in the case of some Los Angeles fire fighters, move trucks out of their stations.

The earthquake is just one example Singleware shares to demonstrate that its software saves lives. The InformaCast product is designed to help corporations, schools and government institutions manage all kinds of emergencies — not just earthquakes but tornadoes, active shooter situations, fires, missing persons, or power outages as well.

Singlewire, which recently marked its 10-year anniversary, has built a massive company that employs a team of about 100 in an office off of Deming Way. Its client base numbers in the thousands, ranging from Bridgestone to British Airways to the Middleton-Cross Plains School District. Its leaders were previously executives with Berbee Information Networks, an erstwhile Madison company that consulted clients on information technology issues.  Read the full story here.