One of Madison’s most well-funded startups is, for the first time, seriously turning its attention to making money.

Since 2014, Ionic has made software for professionals who develop apps for phones and mobile devices. But since the beginning, its flagship software, the “Ionic Framework,” has been open-source. That means that the technology is free and tweakable for software developers.

Now, however, the company is readying its first commercial product: Ionic Pro. Max Lynch, a co-founder of the company, said that with Ionic Pro, developers will be paying for a more comprehensive set of tools for launching and growing mobile apps — not just a basic toolkit for making software.

“We heard from developers once they got beyond Ionic. How do I update my app? How do I test my app?” said Lynch, explaining the rationale behind the Pro software. “There were all these products that were ancillary to Ionic, but important parts of the life cycle.” Read the full story here.