Craig Robertson wants to make the world a more just place, one beer at a time.

The wrong that he wants to right? The imperfect beer pour.

Consumers may not realize it, he said, but they’re not getting as much beer per glass as they think. Just try pouring out a blonde ale or lager at home. While your pint glass may seem pretty full, it could very well only contain about 12 ounces or so — about 75% of the glass’s volume.

“There’s a ‘Wow!’ moment,” Robertson said. “People realize that the beer that you frequently got, it’s not as much as you expected.”

Robertson, who runs an iPhone development consulting firm called Make Greater LLC, made an app to fix the issue of “beer shorting”: Pour Authority. By measuring out how much beer you get, he said, the smartphone tool can ensure some quality control for consumers who want the beer pour they deserve. Read the full story here.