Wisconsin congressional Republicans are pushing for quick passage of a new trade deal announced Tuesday that dairy and business interests say would help bring certainty to the state.

But Wisconsin Democrats said they’re keen to review the measure before publicizing whether it would get their support.

House Democrats Tuesday morning announced they had come to a deal with President Donald Trump’s administration over the renegotiated trade pact, with national media outlets reporting the party was able to secure changes to provisions on prescription drug pricing, the environment, labor and more.

Overall, Wisconsin congressional lawmakers lauded the news, with U.S. Rep. Ron Kind touting his efforts to “ensure a level playing field for Wisconsin workers and farmers,” maintain U.S. jobs and more.

“The bipartisan efforts, changes to labor standards, increases in enforceability measures, and the solidifying of agricultural access should all serve as a baseline for how future trade agreements will be drafted,” the La Crosse Democrat said in a statement, though he didn’t guarantee he’d support it on the floor as he first wants to review the language.

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