BELOIT, WI – Altruize, a mobile application that aims to change the way people interact by helping them be more mindful about how selfless they are, is launching a campaign to help people “be better intentionally.” Dr. Nicole Sdao, Founder of the parent company LetsTHRIVE360, asks the question, “What if to be better people we have to be more intentional. What if, to be better people, we have to exercise our altruism?” In the wake of the pandemic that has created a global recession and mass isolation, this tech founder is finding ways to help people stay connected and be more human facing.

Altruize ​means to exercise your altruism​. ​Altruism is more than just volunteering, much more. It’s selflessness, consideration, compassion, kindness, decency, big-heartedness, charity, and the synonyms go on. There are so many ways to still be all of these things both during and because of this COVID-19 event.

Dr. Sdao, an advocate of active corporate social responsibility, has officially launched a social media group that focuses on telling the story of volunteers and organizations, sharing ways to be mindful about human interaction and connecting likeminded, altruistic people. Follow the Altruize movement and share your story via their website ​​, LinkedIn and Facebook group.

The tech founder is a former gener8tor gBETA Beloit Alumni and Rockford Fast Pitch Winner. She is also a grant recipient from the female-led nonprofit The Doyenne Group in Madison, WI, who has nurtured countless female-led businesses in their initial startup phase to completion.

LetsTHRIVE360’s Purpose Statement

We help people be better, intentionally. Our mission is simple. Create a better world through technology that empowers people to be intentional about helping each other. Tell a better story. Live a better life.


Media Contact: Nicole Sdao
(224) 218-0279