Endless Frontier Act

American dominance in science and technology research and development didn’t happen by accident. It stemmed from a series of policy decisions and partnerships that harnessed the talents of inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs and producers across the United States – while welcoming creative thinkers from other lands.

Renewing America’s leadership in science and technology is the goal of “The Endless Frontier Act,” a bipartisan bill pending in Congress. The Tech Council and its partners in the “Shaping the Endless Frontier” series have focused attention on the bill and how Wisconsin and Midwest assets will contribute to U.S. economic success. Please find recorded webinars, news stories and opinion columns from our series below.

Part One: Why Midwest Assets Are Vital for Growth
Tuesday, August 11 | 11 a.m.
This 60-minute discussion with regional thought leaders on why Midwest states are uniquely equipped to spark the nation’s economy and drive meaningful innovation will explore recent research on how place-based investments in emerging growth centers across the country can remedy regional gaps in capital investment, maintain U.S. leadership in innovation, and attract the tech stars of the future to the nation’s heartland.
Watch the webinar here.

Part Two: How the Endless Frontier Act Will Catalyze Innovation and Economic Growth
Wednesday, September 16 | 11 a.m. CDT
This 60-minute discussion will include congressional co-sponsors and advocates of the Endless Frontier Act who will explain why now is the time, and the Midwest is the place, for bold investments in science, technology and innovation. For the last century, the United States had been the undisputed, global leader in university and industry research. Our panelists will explain how targeted federal investment in emerging growth centers focused on quantum computing, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and manufacturing can extend and expand U.S. leadership into the 21st century and beyond.
Watch the webinar here. 


Also, please let members of the Wisconsin delegation know you support the Endless Frontier Act by writing them at:
Sample Endless Frontier Act letter

Sen. Ron Johnson
(202) 224-5323
Email through ronjohnson.senate.gov
Twitter: @SenRonJohnson

Sen. Tammy Baldwin
(202) 224-5653
Email through baldwin.senate.gov
Twitter: @SenatorBaldwin

Rep. Bryan Steil
(202) 225-3031
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Rep. Mark Pocan
D-Town of Vermont
(202) 225-2906
Email through pocan.house.gov
Twitter: @repmarkpocan
Rep. Ron Kind
D-La Crosse
(202) 225-5506
Email through kind.house.gov
Twitter: @RepRonKind
Rep. Gwen Moore
(202) 225-4572
Email through gwenmoore.house.gov
Twitter: @RepGwenMoore
Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner
R-Menomonee Falls
(202) 225-5101
Twitter: @JimPressOffice
Rep. Glenn Grothman
(202) 225-2476
Email through grothman.house.gov
Twitter: @RepGrothman
Rep. Tom Tiffany
(202) 225-3365
Email through tiffany.house.gov
Twitter: @RepTiffany

Rep. Mike Gallagher
R-Green Bay
(202) 225-5665
Email through gallagher.house.gov
Twitter: @RepGallagher