Ultima Genomics, Inc. and Exact Sciences Corporation (Nasdaq: EXAS) have entered a long-term supply agreement for Ultima’s next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies. Under the terms of the supply agreement, Ultima Genomics will provide access to its NGS products, which are based on a new architecture designed to enable sequencing at a fraction of the cost of other commercially available technologies. The companies also plan to develop one or more of Exact Sciences’ advanced cancer diagnostic tests using Ultima’s sequencing technology. In conjunction with the agreement, Exact Sciences became an investor in Ultima and joined its ongoing early access program for its high-throughput NGS instrument platform, the UG 100™. The collaboration is aimed at driving down the high cost of sequencing to improve patient access to genomics-based testing and human health.

“Exact Sciences believes access to differentiated and affordable genomics technologies is critical to providing patients better information before diagnosis and across all stages of cancer treatment,” said Kevin Conroy, chairman and CEO of Exact Sciences. “Ultima’s mission to drive down the cost of sequencing and increase the use of genomic information supports our goal to provide accurate and affordable testing options across the cancer continuum. This is particularly important for applications like cancer screening, minimal residual disease, and recurrence monitoring, which could lead to millions of tests per year.”

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