Just three months after news broke that Chelsea Clinton was considering forming a venture capital firm, that firm is not just up and running, but also quickly gaining momentum.

On Tuesday, Metrodora Ventures, identified on its Twitter account as “a values-conscious venture capital firm focused on health and learning businesses,” announced its latest investment, the third startup the firm has publicly backed since its launch.

The third investment Metrodora has so far made public was in Fiveable, a startup on the other side of the firm’s stated interests. The education technology platform led by founder and CEO Amanda DoAmaral provides social learning for high school students.

“Investing in solutions that answer young people’s needs and challenges is an investment in our country’s future,” Chelsea Clinton said in a statement about backing Fiveable. “As we launch Metrodora Ventures, we’re thrilled to be supporting a leader like Amanda, whose passion for democratizing access to high-quality education is at the core of every decision, and a company like Fiveable that fosters creativity and critical thinking for students inside and outside the classroom.”

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