Investors from seven locations in the Upper Midwest, ranging from Peoria, Ill., to Sioux Falls, S.D., reviewed presentations by three start-up companies during last week’s ‘Midwest Investors’ Forum. Using videoconferencing technology, the forum connected 40 investors from 12 angel networks and funds in a live, two-hour format.

The event was organized through the Wisconsin Angel Network, the Midwest Business & Investor Forum, the UW-Madison Office of Corporate Relations and other partners and sponsors.

Investors listened to entrepreneurs from Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Investors were spread among sites in Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Madison, Duluth, Minn./Superior, Wis.; Rockford, Ill., Peoria and Sioux Falls. Another forum will be held in the spring.

“These forums allow investors to hear from entrepreneurs in a live setting that includes a question-and-answer period and other opportunities to exchange information about potential deals,” said Joe Kremer, director of the Wisconsin Angel Network. “It helps to take geography out of the equation for busy investors and entrepreneurs, especially during those periods between major conferences and events.”

“This was the largest investors’ forum to date, and it reflects the willingness of investors across the Midwest to learn about deals in neighboring states,” said Dennis Serio, founder of the Illinois Business & Investor Forum and managing director of Falcon Capital.

Presenters at the Jan. 28 forum were: Integrated Separation Solutions, which uses technology to improve water treatment and industrial and agricultural processes; Motiv Engines, which is developing a Caterpillar spinout technology for a fuel-efficient diesel engine; and Points North, a software development firm with expertise in integrating payroll and time-labor solutions.