Madison, WI – Nationally-ranked accelerator gener8tor is partnering with the UW-Madison Computer Sciences Department and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) to bring its gALPHA program to the UW-Madison campus. The program, “gALPHA+CS,” will pull talent and industry experts from across campus, match them with computer science students, help them build products, and ultimately start companies.

gALPHA is a hybrid between an accelerator and a development-sprint program that offers its services for free to help entrepreneurially-minded individuals start building companies. Through gALPHA, the gener8tor team provides individualized mentorship and coaching to students interested in entrepreneurship and startups. The program is designed to help individuals identify business models and teach lean product development and customer validation.

There will be two gALPHA+CS programs during the 2017-2018 academic year, both sponsored by the UW-Madison Computer Sciences Department . The program is also made possible through a WARF sponsorship of gener8tor. Students across campus with varying skill sets will be encouraged to apply.

Click to read the full press release: gALPHA Announcement.