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Governor’s Business Plan Contest winner Vector Surgical ships first products to hospitals

OCONOMOWOC – Vector Surgical, a medical device company that won the 2007 Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest, has shipped products for its first three sales orders.

The three orders came from large hospitals in Texas, Mississippi and Wisconsin. Surgeons who are specialists in breast cancer surgery asked their hospitals to buy two of Vector Surgical’s tissue orientation products, MarginMarker and CorrectClips, which are used to more accurately mark cancerous tissue that has been removed for the patient’s body for radiological and pathological analysis.

Vector Surgical’s sales also included GammaBlocker, a lead shield used in cancer surgery to quickly and accurately locate lymph nodes so they can be tested for cancer. 

Also in recent weeks, Vector Surgical shipped 250 sterile samples of MarginMarker to other U.S. surgeons for trial use.

“There is genuine interest from surgical leaders in quickly adopting these products, because they so simply and clearly contribute to better patient care,” said Janet Phillips, CEO of Vector Surgical.  The company, founded in 2005, is based in Oconomowoc.

Vector Surgical emerged from nearly 300 entries to win the 2007 Business Plan Contest, which began in 2004 and has received nearly 1,000 entries over time. Winners in the 2007 contest shared in $200,000 in cash and in-kind prizes.

For more information on the contest, visit or the Tech Council’s website at and read about the contest in our newsroom. Entries for the 2008 contest will be accepted beginning in December.