Like most people in the state, I am following Foxconn with great interest.

At the University of Wisconsin System, our job is to help prepare Wisconsin for the future, whether by developing talent, disseminating cutting-edge research, or producing thoughtful citizens to be our next leaders.

But the university can’t do this job alone. We need partners with an eye towards the future, and our partners need us. This is what excites me about Foxconn. The UW System is positioned to be the partner Foxconn needs, and together, we can build a brighter future for Wisconsin.

Around the world, we are approaching a milestone of technological advancement with advanced digital imaging, artificial intelligence (AI) and the next generation of Wi-Fi (5G). Foxconn is a leader in advanced digital imaging, and they plan to integrate that technology with AI and 5G. The integration and application of these technologies have the potential to transform many aspects of life, from farms to factories, from hospitals to highways, from automobiles to airplanes, from construction to consumer goods, from manufacturing to mining. These new technologies won’t just transform how we work; they will transform how we live. Read the full story here.