Healthcare IT News traveled to Epic’s Verona, Wisconsin, campus and met with the company’s elusive founder, as well as with Epic Vice President Peter DeVault. The two talked a lot about interoperability – but perhaps not enough to quell critics.

Epic is clearly the electronic health record vendor that catches the most flack from competitors when it comes to data interoperability – or lack thereof.

The CommonWell Health Alliance, for instance, was formed – without Epic – by many of its competitors, all pledging to come together and tackle the challenges of data exchange (and perhaps better compete against it in the process). Epic can be found in just about any conversation about the contentious matter of data blocking. And athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush had harsh words for Epic earlier this summer: “Allscripts and Epic were dead in the water before meaningful use, they were obsolete, unable to do the job that needs to be done.” Read the full story here.