By Tom Still

MADISON — President Barack Obama recently hosted the first-ever White House “Twitter town hall” and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has shown himself to be a social media junkie, as well, even tweeting about his recent unscheduled sleep-over in Denver International Airport.

This means it’s only a matter of time before they engage in their own bipartisan Tweet-a-thon, complete with hash tags. A possible scenario:

“Got stuck in Denver airport & slept on the floor (did get a pillow & blanket).” @GovWalker

“Sorry 2 hear. Colorado guv is Democrat. Did he authorize blanket? -BO” @BarackObama #catchatrainnexttime

“LOL. Trains cost $$$. Not that u care.” @GovWalker #haveadebtceilingtoraise?

“Debt would be lot less if GOP taxed rich guys like Koch brothers. Hear from them lately? -BO” @BarackObama #checkyourvoicemail

“No, but heard from Greece. Need u 2 send more $$$” @GovWalker #itsthespendingstupid

“Spending is only part of story. Better economy will add more jobs –BO” @BarackObama #needmorejobsby2012

“Glad u mentioned jobs. Need 250k here by 2015. Strange. Do we need one another?” @GovWalker #stuckinsameboat

“Now u r getting warm & fuzzy. Next u will be Bears fan. –BO” @BarackObama #wishwehadclaymatthews

“No way. We can agree to hate Vikings, right?” @GovWalker #aaronrodgersforgovsomeday

“Can’t declare I hate Vikes. Minnesota guv is Dem. Election coming up -BO” @BarackObama #needtowin2ndterm

“Same Dem guv who shut down Minnesota gov’t 4 lack of $$$?” @GovWalker #toldyouspendingisproblem

“Minnesota GOP didn’t exactly help, u know. Must be using 1994 shutdown playbook. -BO” @BarackObama #askNewthowthatworkedoutforhim

“OK by me. Budget passed on time here. Control both houses & Supreme Court. Life is good – for now.” @GovWalker #fingerscrossedonrecalls

“Glad u r upbeat. I have Paul Ryan to deal with. What’s with u Badger right-wingers? -BO” @BarackObama #thoughtWisconsinwasbluestate

“Just trying to keep u liberal Dems on your toes. Of course, unions are now doing same 2 us.” @GovWalker #mightbebluestateagainafterrecalls

“I share your pain. Ever tried dealing with Nancy Pelosi? –BO” @BarackObama #HarryReidnopicniceither

“Understood. There are a few GOP leggies I want to send to Illinois, too.” @GovWalker #maybeweshouldtalkmoreoften

“Right. u want jobs. I want jobs. Packers, Bears in NFC Central; Cubs, Brewers in NL Central. U, me, 2012 ticket? –BO” @BarackObama #pollssaywebothneedhelp

“Now u r stretching it. Must catch another plane. Is Air Force One fueled up?” @GovWalker #neversaynever

Still is president of the Wisconsin Technology Council (@WiscTechCouncil). He is the former associate editor of the Wisconsin State Journal. Follow him @TStillWTC