Students skilled in marketing, writing, graphic design and social media will be available during the UW-Madison fall semester through a course taught by Tom Still, president of the Tech Council. 

“Case Studies in Science and Technology Communications” is a capstone course in the UW-Madison Department of Life Sciences Communications, available to seniors and graduate students. Students are available for an average of about five hours per week beginning in mid-September. Past interns have built web sites, written news releases, managed marketing campaigns and more. A number have been hired by tech-based companies or news publications that cover technology. 

Interns are unpaid, but business-related expenses incurred by interns during the course of the semester should be covered by the company. A semester-ending assessment of the student’s work will be required. Due to student transportation concerns, companies in the Madison area will be given first consideration. Please send a brief description of your proposed intern project(s) to