Foxconn Technology Group executive Louis Woo talks Tuesday to The Journal Times Editorial Board. He reiterated the company’s commitment to creating 13,000 jobs in Wisconsin.

RACINE COUNTY — Foxconn Technology Group has shifted its initial manufacturing plans heavily toward robotics, but the target of 13,000 new jobs here remains valid at the future Wisconn Valley Science and Technology Park, a top company executive says.

In a visit to The Journal Times on Tuesday as part of a media tour, Louis Woo talked about expected employment growth at Wisconn Valley in southwest Mount Pleasant, the types of jobs that will be created, the use of self-driving vehicles on the campus and more.


The Taiwanese company’s original employment projections are still fully in effect and on schedule, said Woo, special assistant to Foxconn founder, Chairman and CEO Terry Gou. Woo expects 2,000 people to be working on the campus by the end of next year and have its liquid-crystal display panel operation built by late 2020. But he said some manufacturing and shipping of devices from there can begin before that.


The company is still expecting to reach the full promise of 13,000 jobs sometime in 2023, Woo said.


The mixture of those jobs will be only about 10 percent assembly workers — the people who will tell the robots what to do — and 90 percent “knowledge workers” who will devise new ways to use the 8K, 5G and artificial-intelligence technologies that Foxconn will build. The term 8K refers to ultra-high-resolution displays, 5G refers to the next generation of cellphone technology that will do super-fast passage of data such as images, and artificial intelligence will help improve manufacturing processes and technologies, Woo explained.

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