Eric Isbister learned, in an unusual way, that his company’s website was vulnerable to an attack when it was hijacked by someone selling leather jackets.

Isbister is president of GenMet, a Mequon metal fabrication company that’s not in the leather apparel business, yet someone was using the GenMet site for that purpose.

“I don’t know exactly how he did that, but he can’t do it anymore,” Isbister said about putting a stop to the shenanigans.

Increasingly, manufacturers face cyber security risks, including the loss of confidential data and trade secrets worth millions of dollars. The attacks sometimes come from overseas competitors trying to steal proprietary designs and manufacturing processes, according to a new report from Sikich LLP, a professional services firm based in Naperville, Ill., with an office in Milwaukee.

How much attention do manufacturers pay to cyber security?

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