It started with a party.

Khalif El-Amin invited some friends to a bar for his 25th birthday. Word got around: More than 350 people showed up.

Then there was the T-shirt. Khalif’s brother, Que El-Amin, designed a logo featuring a wreath wrapped around international currency symbols that served as the letters Y-E-S.

He printed it on a sweatshirt for himself. His cousins wanted one. Then his barber. Then strangers who followed him on Instagram.

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Realizing they had a knack for making connections and spotting business opportunities, the Milwaukee brothers have turned their attention over the last five years to help students and young professionals in Milwaukee’s predominantly African-American urban core hone their technical and entrepreneurial skills.

Ultimately, they want Milwaukee to be a more inclusive city, especially in the business community. Read the full story here.