In their bestselling 2005 business book, authors Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim outlined the “Blue Ocean Strategy.”

Having interviewed Mauborgne a few years back, I can summarize the concept like this: Too many companies are content to fight in the same red ocean, which is colored with the blood of competitors fighting for market share in the same ocean of limited capacity. Breakthrough companies find a way to swim into a blue ocean, creating a different business model that is not limited and cannot be duplicated by competitors.

Sue Marks has a knack for swimming into the blue ocean. For the better part of three decades, she has been finding ways to differentiate her businesses from the red ocean that is the human resources and staffing industry.

Marks sold her first businesses, ProStaff and HRfirst, to a Fortune 500 staffing company in 2000. Read the full Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story here.