By making it easy for travelers to stay in homes and apartments outside of typical hotel locations, Airbnb changed the game for the hospitality industry.

Milwaukee-based startup Frontdesk is taking a similar model to the world of business travel. Frontdesk, which launched in January 2017, sets business travelers up in apartments.

Housing people outside of hotels, eliminating the need for lobbies and front desks, has also decreased the price. Unlike Airbnb, Frontdesk is the operator of the units, not individuals, allowing the team to ensure quality and consistency across locations like a hotel chain.

Frontdesk CEO Kyle Weatherly said the company’s market is found outside those who typically use corporate housing.

“Corporate housing was really only available for members of Fortune 500 companies —the Harley-Davidsons of the world or JCI (Johnson Controls International),” Weatherly said. “They have relationships with global corporate housing companies and rent it out one month or two months at a time.” Read the full story here.